Third Age Health (TAH), a leading provider of primary care services for older adults, is pleased to share that they have begun their new service agreement at Selwyn Village, one of the largest, integrated retirement and Aged Residential Care (ARC) sites in West Auckland. TAH commenced services on 1st July 2023, succeeding OmniHealth as the primary care provider.

Selwyn Village, with its community of 231 ARC residents and 400 people living independently, welcomes TAH as their new provider and the continuation of the high standard of clinical service and quality of care they hold dear. This collaboration is in sync with TAH’s broader vision of creating comprehensive health care models that cater to the unique needs of older adults, whether they are living independently or in ARC facilities.

“We’re genuinely excited about our partnership with Selwyn Village. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the very best of healthcare services to New Zealand’s older adults,” said Tony Wai, CEO of Third Age Health. “Our innovative blend of traditional face-to-face and virtual consultations is designed to provide top-tier care, better accessibility, and increasing health literacy for residents and their whanau.”

TAH plans to establish a new primary care practice for older people living independently in Auckland, including residents of Selwyn Village. By leveraging their expertise and scale, TAH hopes to collaborate with other clients to create integrated models for both independent living and ARC residents. Each additional resident contracted or enrolled over time will further strengthen this new practice.

A cornerstone of TAH’s service at Selwyn Village will be the KARE program, a trusted clinical care model for older people’s health. Offering nurse-based screenings, check-ins, and assessments, the KARE program will ensure that GPs’ time is utilised optimally, and that the health care assistant (HCA) and registered nurse can provide the most effective care.

“The adoption of the KARE program is a perfect fit with our goals to enhance services, as well as organise and provide greater clarity on what to expect for our older community members,” added Mr Wai.

Jason More, Chief Operating Officer of The Selwyn Foundation, owner/operator of Selwyn Village, said: ‘We’re delighted that Third Age Health are commencing services at Selwyn Village. With their specific focus on the health and wellbeing of older people, we’re looking forward to working with them in their provision of quality general practice medical care to our independent living and care residents alike.’